Electrical Installations Diploma(s)

Technical or underpinning knowledge is the foundation for your work as an electricians. These diplomas are essential in building an deeper understanding of becoming an electrician.

Course Payment Plan Information

Programme includes the following courses

Cost of programme

The cost of this course is £3,200 incl VAT.

Payment terms – as laid out in schedule

  • Deposit of £320.00 (Including VAT)
  • Followed by 8 instalments of £360.00 payable as per payment schedule.

Cooling off

There is a 14-day cooling off period from the date of invoice.

Refunds and withdrawals

The extent of your fee liability will vary depending on the Cancellation date. 

If you cancel your place on any date that is before the end of the cooling off period, you will receive a full refund of any payments you have made and will not be liable for any further payments. 

Save for cancellation within the cooling off period, the deposit is not refundable at any time. 

If you cancel your place, on any date that is on or after a payment month, you will be liable to pay that month’s instalment and the whole of the following month’s instalment.

Course length

  • Level 2 – 9 months
  • Level 3 – 9 months


16 years and over.

Terms & Conditions

You can download our course Terms & Conditions here.

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