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Our Mission

"To be the best training provider for the Built Environment by offering the highest quality customer service and teaching experiences."

Our Core Values

At Brian Scaddan (UK) we are constantly on the lookout for the trends and forces that will help us to continue to thrive as a business. Here are the values we follow in order to make sure we continue to grow and provide a first-class experience for our customers.

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We strive to be leaders in our roles and leaders within the industry. We will become the leading training provider for the built environment.

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Creative, Innovative and Responsive

We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. We understand the importance of change and affect that an ever-changing world has on industry and learning. Creativity, Innovation and Responsiveness are pillars for the modern world.

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Trust, Integrity and Transparency

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. Our learners trust us to guide them in their learning and career journey. Our stakeholders trust us to provide information and guidance which support their business.

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To inspire growth in our stakeholders, learners and ourselves.

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Provide a positive and empowering experience for all learners and stakeholders.

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Inspiring and Aspiring

We inspire our team and our learners to become the best that they can be.

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We take responsibility for our role and our actions.

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Fun and Fulfilment

Provide enjoyable working and training environments. To prove that learning can be fun, fulfilling and exciting.

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Customer Centricity

We offer a first class service from the first point of contact right to graduation in order to develop a positive difference to our customers lives.

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