We are approved to use your Enhanced Learning Credits towards studying a range of qualifications.

Course Payment Plan Information

We are approved to fund the following courses through ELCAS provision:

Only courses at Level 3 or above are available.

Cost of Programme

As listed on the ELCAS website.

Payment terms – as laid out in schedule

  • Learner must pay 20% of the course fee with ELCAS paying the balance,
  • Course must be booked at least 25 days prior to course start to allow time for learner claim to be approved,
  • Learner must pay invoice on receipt and provide Brian Scaddan with proof/remittance/screen shot.

Course length

  • As per individual course requirements


  • Learner must provide proof by way of paper or electronic of their claim approval.
  • Learner must provide Brian Scaddan with their approved claim number which consists of 6 digits.
  • No booking can be taken without a claim approval number.
  • 6 years (lower tier) competed service up to £1000 per claim can be made.
  • 6 to 8 years (higher tier) completed service up to £2000 per claim can be made.
  • Service members can make up to 3 claims. However, only one claim per financial year (April-March).
  • If making a second and third claim the learner must have completed the evaluation form via the members area of the ELCAS portal for any previous courses.
  • Learners can only book and claim against courses as listed on the ELCAS website under the Brian Scaddan banner.
  • Any personnel who left service after April 2011 have 10 years to access post-service funds.


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