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Importance of Electrical Awareness and Safe Isolation for non electricians.

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According to the HSE of all of the fatal accidents that happened to construction workers in 2019, contact with electricity or electrical discharge was one of the top 5 causes.
We believe that one reason for this is that because construction workers often need to work around electrical circuits or equipment but have not had the relevant training to ensure that they understand electrics and how to isolate them safely.

At Brian Scaddan Associates we want to work with the industry to make sure that anyone who works around electrics has the fundamental electrical safety training to make sure they are keeping themselves and others safe.

Our one-day Electrical Awareness and Safe Isolation course will allow you to use test equipment to isolate all of, or part of, a 400v/230v/110v electrical installation to ensure safe working.

We have been approached and commissioned by over a dozen, very prominent and prestigious building contractors and civil engineering companies to design and deliver bespoke Electrical Awareness and Safe Isolation courses to their employees. These contracts span the UK and, in some instances, require training to be provided to thousands of operatives. 

We invite you to speak to us today to see how we can assist you in ensuring safe working to all operatives on site.

If you or members of your team, work within the construction industry and may have to work around electrics, then enrol on this course today and help us make the construction industry a safer working environment.

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