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Level 6 Senior Site Inspection

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This qualification is designed for managers who carry the role of ‘clerk or works’ and covers areas including building and civil engineering, conservation, demolition, highways and maintenance and residential development.

Site Inspectors monitor all work carried out on a construction site to ensure safety and standards are upheld. They carry out regular inspections to check the quality of work, identifying any potential problems and then reporting their findings with recommendations for improvements. Often they will have responsibility for supervising the different teams working on a site.

Course content

In this qualification you will:

  • Monitor and carry out regular project quality inspections
  • Manage the project progress and handover in construction 
  • Monitor test processes in construction
  • Manage interaction with others in construction
  • Confirm and report on property condition 
  • Set up and manage technical information systems in construction 
  • Implement agreed policies and programmes for undertaking maintenance works 

Delivery Type

This qualification is achieved through an electronic portfolio of evidence and an on-site assessment and training (OSAT)


9 – 12 months


This NVQ is for those who are already working in the role or newly appointed to the role. You must have excellent communication, organisational and time management skills. 

It is also expected that you will have excellent staff and skilled work leadership and management skills as well as a strong ability to strategize, plan and implement

What we provide

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Fully employed technical team
  • A one to one profiling session to confirm eligibility
  • An E-Portfolio, to create and build your evidence online
  • 1 day, one-to-one site assessment visit 

What you need for the course

  • To be working in the role required to meet the criteria
  • Access to internet and a PC to use our ePortfolio


£1,650.00 (excl. VAT)

Payment plans available


We deliver this course at all of the Brian Scaddan Centres



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