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Joining the Brian Scaddan Training team and the future ahead of us

By Tom Shrager

The Electrical Training Sector seems to always be buoyant, depending on who you are talking to and at what time. The reality feels like it is a market sector that always has demand and growth, simply by the fact we need Electricians in the corporate and household sector.

There is more value being attributed to Apprenticeships and guiding young people through to be able to run a self employed business or join the corporate revolution that is rapidly changing as new technologies come into play. The good news is that ChatGPT will never be able to replace the man or lady who needs to sort the radiator or bathroom to the screw in the electrics of a jumbo Jet. We always will need our people to deliver the best service!

So I recently joined the Brian Scaddan Electrical Training Business for a few personal reasons:

Firstly, the management and HQ in Waterlooville, Portsmouth is amazing. The venue is of the highest standard and is a perfect space for training seasoned and budding electricians, in a space that recognises their skill and their respect for what they do and will do. It is that engagement of understanding that the Electrician Trade space is fundamental to the future of the country and we need to look after them, Man, Woman and Boy / Girl.

Secondly, the training Team and the knowledge and structure of their courses guarantees a high pass rate, but even more importantly an understanding and grounding for what they have learnt and fundamentally being able to put into practice in whatever environment they find themselves in.

It is that confidence that BSA has a brilliant product and service that brings loyalty and repeat business to our venues and moving forward, as we grow, new clients and students will join us in our mission to build the best Electrician Training business in the UK.

Finally, the opportunity to develop young people into not only brilliant Electricians but also bring a Brian Scaddan holistic approach to offering a full and rounded educational offering.

With the coming Apprenticeship proposition, we will offer all of the above, as a brilliant service, but we will also bring a personal proposition with optional coaching on : sales and marketing, ‘How To’ engage with people and other confidence programs. This stamp of excellence and commitment to the individual guarantees when we put apprentices forward to clients for mentoring, they know that the finished article over the process will be a valuable and interesting human being that carries the right working ethos and passion to deliver the best electrical service.

If you would like to know more about our upcoming Apprenticeship offering, we would be thrilled to talk to you!

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